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Need to know the telephone country code for Iceland or maybe the area telephone dialing code for Reykjavik or any other cities in Iceland.

You will require the Icelander Country code only if you are dialing to a person from outside Iceland.

For anyone who is dialing a phone number in Iceland, make sure you dial the the country code followed by the local area number of the city omitting the first "0" digit and then the your relative’s or customer’s phone number.

How to make phone calls to Iceland | What are telephone area codes in Iceland | Icelander City Area Codes
International access code for Iceland
Dialing Instructions For Iceland
Dialing Instructions for placing long distance international calls to Iceland from abroad:

1) Obtain the lowest telephone call rate for Iceland, from the Telephone Call Charges Sheet.

2) Dial the International Dial out code of your country (eg: from UK - 00)

    00 + 354 + City Area Code + Local number

In order to make a phone call from Iceland you will have to dial iceland-exit-code (eg: iceland-exit-code 44 for UK).

Please click here for low international calling rates from Iceland.

The actual current date and time in Reykjavik, Iceland can be found at Time in Reykjavik.

Iceland’s standard time is GMT away from Greenwich Mean Time/ UTC.

Iceland does not utilise Daylight Time Saving.
What Is A Telephone Area Code?
Telephone area codes in Iceland are generally known as Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs). It was formerly termed STD codes in Iceland.

These phone area codes are needed only if calling from outside the telephone code area. Nevertheless it is necessary when making a calls from the mobile phones.

Phone area codes or city codes in Iceland in general specify geographical areas within Iceland which might be covered by hundreds of telephone exchanges.

The telephone area code in Iceland is often preceded in the dial string by the Icelander country code or the international access code for Iceland ("354").

Phone Area codes in Iceland will often be quoted including the country access code for Iceland.
Icelander Telephone Area Codes
An all-inclusive list of city telephone area codes in Iceland are posted below. Please use the dialing instructions on the left to make a phone call or to send a fax to Iceland.
Area codes are not required

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